Chalkboard Place Mats

Once the first computer was made, everything exploded from there. Now, everyone has at least one computer, and computers run the biggest part of our society. Something similar can be said for a commonplace item such as a chalkboard. Once, you found them only in schools, but now, they’re made for children’s play. Even more amazing is that someone has created chalkboard fabric. With it, you can make t-shirts, jeans, curtains, and other things, with chalkboard accents. The chalkboard fabric can be used just like the real board but in much more fun ways. Besides clothing, the fabric can also be used to make something like a place mat. The mat takes just a few minutes to make and, after that, your child will have so much fun, whether there’s food on the table or not.

It’s nearly impossible to find chalkboard fabric in local towns but, online, no problem. Although it’s a bit expensive – about ten bucks a yard – it won’t take much to make a place mat. If you’ve already done a chalkboard fabric project you can likely use a scrap piece you have leftover. Cut the piece to be the same size and shape as the place mat.

The place mat you use should be one that isn’t quilted. It can be cloth or plastic but should have no protruding embellishments, like a silk flower, or braided twine. If the place mat has ruffles, measure the chalkboard fabric so that it stays inside the ruffled perimeter.

If you want to take the time to sew the chalkboard fabric onto the place mat, just position it, and sew around the perimeter with a straight stitch, staying about a quarter-inch away from the very edge. To make the chalkboard place mat much more quickly, just use Velcro strips, double-sided tape, or even adhesive hem tape. Put one piece on each corner, and a piece on each side, and stick the chalkboard fabric to it.

A chalkboard place mat is a fun thing for a child. My grand kids love them and, when they leave to go back home, I just put them away and put out my regular place mats again.

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