Chaos Dance

In this World, an arena that whirls like a discotheque,

Each life dances in its own fits and orbits,

With a Fated Path, like a star.


A Solar system a Soular system a Soler system.


A weaving exchange of every fortune,

Turning the way of each destiny, forever.


Moving in this fire, tripping in place,

Amidst throes we’re living,

A System of Orbits falling and passing.


There is only One Way,

Despite the tides and twists of Fate,

Spun by the glance of every sphere I cross, I feel adrift,

And every self I’ve been, is no longer here to help me,

Or is ever forgotten.


We move in The Ephemeris, an endless flux of transformations,

All the flickering opportunities of Creation’s path,

I watch the dancing course of the stars for You,

They which illustrate Fate’s mechanism,

Prophesizing the chance of our union.


Dance with me, kiss me with your gravity,

Breathe through my soul, a sliver of my life,

Draw out my voice, force me to listen,

As we move to the pain, converge and exchange,

Collide and burn, whirling in place, Living,

Letting go inside you, You inside Me, uncreate me, birth me,

Breathe my breath into me and I become real,

Realer still, struck,

Falling and passing, I yield to your gravity,

We’re living, moving,

There’s nothing but Living,

In this World, that whirls like a discotheque,

Everything is shaped in a Chaos Dance,

Each life circling, like a star in its own Orbit.


We’re always passing time,

So I watch for you in the Stars.

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