Chat with Daddy

daddy came to see me from his mansion
way up high,peering in the distance up in
the wonderous sky. he spoke to me so
quietly,you couldnt hear a sigh.
I held my heart and wiped the tears drying
them from my eyes.I said “daddy why are
you here” ?
He said to stop your pleeing cry.
I told him of all my troubles and spoke of
all my fears.and as i did this he blew away
my tears.
His gentle breath so cool upon my face,he said
remove that frown and make a smile ,let joy take
sadness place and as i felt my
mouth turn up and beg him not to go , he
told me softly in my ear , i will never leave
you know that i am always here. even if
you cant see or hear me . i will always let
you know just how much it is my angel that
daddy loves you so .

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