Chaz and Charisma Blow into Bristol, England

Just as quickly as the mighty wind lifted Chaz and Charizma’s Airship high above the London alley, it safely deposited the airship and the two very excited mice onto an empty dock in a shipyard in Bristol, England. When Chaz realized their airship had actually landed on solid ground, he hitched up his kecks and shouted “Land Ho!”

Charisma chuckled as he jumped onto the dock. “Chaz, it’s our lucky day, there is a kingsman. Help me carry it to the ship.”

“Good idea, Charisma,” said Chaz. ” It will be a good blanket and perhaps help pick up a tailwind at times.”

After the two furry buddies had packed away their newest prize, a handerkerchief, they scurried across the moonlit dock to a warehouse. As soon as Charisma picked himself up after pulling Chaz through a small opening in the door he realized they had reached another jackpot. The warehouse was full of chocolate. The two mice shared a large chunk of chocolate before falling sound asleep on the warehouse floor.

The early morning sunlight woke Chaz first. He nudged Charisma. “Charisma, let’s carry a piece of chocolate to the ship for tonight before any Coves discover us.”

“Nommus!” shrieked Charisma as he pushed Chaz into a corner right as the warehouse doors suddenly opened. Charisma then jumped into a shaded area just avoiding a giant man’s heavy boot. As soon as the boots were out of sight, Chaz and Charisma scurried out the open doors and hid around the corner of the warehouse.

“Charisma, you be the crow while I go see if it’s safe at the other end of this establishment.”

“Eye, eye captain.”

At the other end of the warehouse was the streets of Bristol, England. There wasn’t a lot of activity so Chaz believed they good move from doorway to doorway and escape danger for awhile. Perhaps even find a piece of cheese.

After scurrying around dodging large bodies, Chaz and Charisma literally fell through a church door and scampered to safety under a pew. After making a meal of stale bread crumbs the two curled up and took a much needed afternoon nap. The setting sun shadows cascading across the church floor caused the two to wake up.

“We should be able to get back to our airship now,” said Chaz.
Charisma checked his pocket watch. “The giants should in their homes now.”

“The wind of the water should be enough to carry us to a more safe location,” said Chaz.

“Let’s go,” whispered Charisma.

As both mice scampered around the corner of the warehouse the handerchief they had found earlier was starting to lift from the seabreeze.”

“Hurry,” said Chaz.

“Eye, eye captain!!!”

Once again both Chaz and Charisma started to blow into the cabbage leaves of the airship. And once again the small airship began to climb into the starlit sky.

*Written and Created by Laura Everly

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