Chaz Bono Tells the Truth About Mom Cher and How They Deal with His Sexual Journey

The world continues to watch Cher’s daughter, Chastity Bono, as she fully becomes Chaz Bono. Chastity, now Chaz, was born into privilege simply due to parents, Cher and Sonny Bono. Chaz looks back on his life as Chastity and tells the truth about her journey into manhood. Chaz Bono proves that a privileged upbringing does not circumvent struggles between parent and child. Chaz Bono continues to take courageous steps toward his goal, and he’s doing it gracefully in the public eye.

Chaz Bono lets the world know that his mom, Cher, is no different when it comes to secrets, especially secrets that she doesn’t agree with. Chaz tells on YouTube how his mom kicked him out of the house when she found out he was gay. The positive point about what Chaz says about Cher’s reaction is that he doesn’t offer up any judgment on her reaction. Chaz does follow up with how Cher did come around to trying to deal with the situation. Without ever saying it, Chaz points to the fact that Cher loves her child, regardless.

Cher even publicly speaks on the situation as she talks with old friend Gene Simmons. YouTube shows Cher telling Gene Simmons how she’s trying to understand why Chastity felt the need to become Chaz. Cher explains on YouTube how she would feel trapped in a man’s body. Cher’s brief statement about the situation simply tells viewers that she’s trying to understand, and Cher is trying to understand because Chaz is her child. This seems to all be okay with Chaz. Viewers can hear Chaz Bono on YouTube telling how he needed to give his mother space enough to come to terms with the situation.

The bottom line seems to be that Cher is a mother who loves her child, and Chaz is a child who loves his mother. Both respect the love between them enough to do what they need to do to keep their bond intact. Chaz Bono and Cher seem to be publicly dealing with a delicate (and sometimes hurtful) situation, and both seem to handle the situation with lots of class. Some may agree with Chastity becoming Chaz; some may not agree. It’s not the public’s decision, though, so why not credit Cher and Chaz for handling the delicate situation with some class?


YouTube: !!Chaz:Cher Kicked Me Out of the House!!

YouTube: Cher Talks with Gene Simmons

YouTube: The Talk-Cher’s Reaction to Chaz

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