Cheap Medical ID Bracelets

If you have a medical condition you can easily find medic alert bracelets, sold online and in local stores. Those bracelets are generally metallic, with heavy chain links, and are quite costly. Still, you really need one if you have a serious medical condition. Medics need to be informed when treating you in an emergency. If you need such a bracelet, and you don’t want to pay fifty bucks or more for it, there’s a quick and easy craft project you can do to make a suitable medical alert bracelet. All you need is a rubber band!

You’ve seen them, haven’t you: those colorful, wide rubber bands, which people often wear as bracelets, to show support for breast cancer and other causes? One of those rubber bands is perfect for creating your own medic alert bracelet on a strict budget. Choose one in a color you like – preferably, not pink – and use it to make the needed bracelet.

One way to make the medical bracelet is to just use a fine-tip, permanent marker to write on it. Or, just use an ink pen. Write “Diabetic”, “Pacemaker”, “Alzheimer’s”, “Penicillin Allergy”, “Organ Donor” or other information on the bracelet. Just make sure that the word stands out well on the color of bracelet you’ve chosen. For instance, black writing on a white bracelet will show up well.

Yet another way to create a medical bracelet from a rubber band is to use rubber stamps. The letters must be very small; use ink to stamp them onto the rubber band.

You can wear a separate rubber band bracelet for each medical condition, or you can list two or more conditions on one bracelet. Short words, like “diabetes” or “autistic”, allow you room for more than one word on the bracelet. Write one word, leave a space, then write another.

The homemade medical alert bracelet doesn’t have to be just a rubber band. You can glue on rhinestones or other accents to give it a nicer look. If you’ve listed more than one medical condition on the bracelet, the rhinestones look nice to separate the conditions.

For some people, a medical alert bracelet is an elegant piece, which costs a lot of money, but for others, that money just isn’t available. Whether you don’t have the money, or you just don’t want to spend that much, you’ll find the rubber band medical bracelet to be a suitable alternative.

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