Cheap Sunglasses Review: Smart View Elite High Definition Lens

Smart View Elite High Definition Lenses mimic the tint, packaging, and performance of HD Vision Wrap Arounds Sunglasses. However, these sunglasses provide 100% UV protection at a much lower cost. In fact, I purchased mine for only $1.00 at my local Dollar Tree. Of course, there is one big question: Do these cheap sunglasses actually work?

The answer is an unequivocal somewhat. Amber sunglasses like HD Vision Sunglasses, BluBlocker Viper Sunglasses, and these super cheap Smart View Elite Sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and a small reduction in brightness and glare. However, you still have to squint in bright sunlight or when traveling towards the sun. When advertisements claim that “the clarity is amazing,” that’s because these glasses just aren’t very dark. Smart View Elite High Definition Sunglasses simply don’t provide much glare reduction.

I recently compared my $1.00 Smart View Elite Sunglasses to a pair of opened box HD Vision Aviators Sunglasses in a major drug store chain. While the HD Vision Aviators were far better constructed, the tint of the glasses was about the same. The HD Aviators may have been a tad darker. However, in repeatedly switching the two pair of sun glasses back and forth, I really did not notice much difference in glare reduction. For $9.00 more, you could look like a Top Gun pilot squinting in the HD Vision Aviators.

As cheap $1 imitations of cheap $10 sunglasses, the quality of Smart View elite sunglasses is rather low. In fact, you can see the seams left by the molds used to form the plastic frames. HD Vision Sunglasses, BluBlocker Vipers, and HD Aviators are all better constructed and more comfortable to wear. In addition, Smart View Elite sunglasses are not wrap around sunglasses. Beware of ebay sellers trying to sell Smart View Elite Sunglasses at HD Vision prices.

When I left the drugstore in my Smart View Elite Sunglasses, I immediately felt myself squinting in the bright Florida sunshine. I returned to my car and switched to a pair of Berkley sunglasses from Walmart. My eyes felt immediate relief. Yellow sunglasses of any type are simply not up to handling bright sunlight. However, the Smart View Elite sunglasses may be just right for early evening wear or reducing glare on partly or totally cloudy days. My shooting glasses have a yellow tint so perhaps yellow lenses help sharpen vision. The clarity is good.

Since I constantly lose, mislay, or drop sunglasses, I can never get enough pairs of cheap sunglasses. Even Smart View Elite High Definition lenses are better than nothing. However, if you want cheap sun glasses that really work, you would be better off checking out the fishing section of your local Walmart.

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