Chicago Needs a Hero

How come Chicago doesn’t have a resident crime fighter?

Looking on the World Superhero Registry site, Chicago seems forgotten in the eye of caped crusaders. Aren’t our problems worthy of extra attention? I’m not making fun, I have got to hand it anyone that puts themselves out there in the line of duty to defend against the robbers, the thieves, the gang members that prowl our streets, putting themselves in harms way for the betterment of society? Who doesn’t want Superman watching your back?

In a city this size there is still a lot going down that the police can’t keep up on. If crime fighters were able to lend a hand and protect the areas where the police are not it would be a great benefit to one of the nations greatest cities. All summer there has been incident after incident of people being attacked on CTA buses and trains over iPhones and MP3 players. I refuse to use my phone on the train, regardless of how crowded the car is after a mentally handicapped man was attacked over an iPod. I love my city but as I wander down the street at night I’m finding myself looking over my shoulder just to make sure. No one wants to be scared in their home town.

So what type of superhero would Chicago attract? I’m not even sure but I wish someone would step up as all these other cities are becoming safer because concerned citizens are fighting back against crime.

Superheros come into the news most recently a Seattle crime fighter was arrested to being too agressive and charged with assault on a crowd. Phoenix Jones, had been trying to break up a street fight with pepper spray when several people in the crowd claimed to be sprayed. The incident was video taped by Jones’ sidekick and put on his Facebook page.

This is just one incident that may have gone wrong, but what about all the cases where the superheros and heroines actually thwarted real crimes? Several superheros report doing community service projects in their guilds and helping the homeless.

Maybe someone is out there watching over Chicago and just hasn’t revealed themselves yet. Please come out of hiding, even if its behind the mask- we need a hero.

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