Child Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve

Too wound up to sleep
But I should
For Santa won’t come
Lest I will peep

Must wake right away
What to do
Ah hah, idea
Hip hip hooray

Mom tucks me in bed
Off she goes
Leaves snacks for Santa
Long wait ahead

All are settled in
Up I get
Open my closet
Beaming my grin

Sweats over PJ’s
Jeans on top
T-shirt, flannel shirt
Not yet ablaze

Slide on red toe socks
Slip on gloves
Don my toboggan
Sly like a fox

On with winter coat
Pull up hood
Drink so much Sundrop
Eyeballs afloat

Roll up in bedding
Drift asleep
Sweating like crazy
Soon be shedding

Must go now, hurry
Find bathroom
Way too much clothing
Eyes so blurry

Barely slept any
Yet enough
Mister Claus stopped by
He left plenty

The bike of my dreams
There she stands
Beautiful, shiny
Magic she seems

Let the others sleep
I shall too
Right next to my bike
Nary a peep

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