Chinese Scooter Kandi Reverse Trike Review: MC_D150TKA Three Wheeled Scooter (Roadrunner 150cc)

As a new owner of the 150cc Kandi reverse trike, I wanted to write a fair review about these fuel efficient oddities of the road and what I’ve learned about riding them and buying them. These trikes have many names which make researching hard and I’ve not seen any reviews because they are still pretty new to the market.

Where to Purchase Chinese Scooters

I purchased my Kandi reverse trike from Tom Speirs at for about $2250 plus PDI which is a pre-delivery inspection where they do most of the assembly. Without assembly you receive a crate from China with a trike that has no front wheels and requires mechanical work. Videos are available on YouTube (below) if you would like to try. These videos are provided by SunnyMotor AKA ScooterDepot a giant warehouse in Chino, CA that is the source for suppliers for many scooters sold online.

MC_D150TKA Assembly part1

MC_D150TKA Assembly part2

MC_D150TKA Assembly part3 (The end)

If you purchase a Kandi Reverse Trike or Chinese scooter you should know they are from China and are distributed by resellers.

What Models are Available

Kandi makes three different trike sizes with different models. They have a 50cc, 250cc, and 300cc. I don’t think the 150cc has great power, so don’t spend $1300 on a 50cc trike. I prefer the look of the 250cc Kandi reverse trike,a knockoff of the Can-Am Spyder. The 250cc trike has been improved and is a larger trike, but still has limited power according to reviews. To learn everything about this model visit

Driving, Handling and Features of the Kandi trike

How it Drives – I’ve driven about 150 miles on this reverse trike. The MC_D150TKA is great for back roads and really fun to cruise around. It has fast acceleration, but doesn’t turn like a car or a bike which takes time to get use to. The front wheels tilt that makes learning to drive harder. Comfortable and Stylish – It’s not too heavy so it’s easy to back up and maneuver. Top Speed – Most sites list 55+ mph. I’ve had it to 55 mph, but it will not reach 55 mph on any incline and feels somewhat unstable when over 50 mph. Now knowing, I would buy the 300cc model that looks like a more stable bike. MC_D300TKB is similar with additional features. Specifications and Features -The trunk isn’t gaudy and simple to put on and take off. The seat pops up for really nice storage. You can lock the keyhole and gas tank with the same key that starts the trike and pops the seat. Gas Mileage – I put $7 in premium gas the first day and couldn’t run it out. I obviously didn’t buy this trike to look cool. My goal was to save gas back and forth to work and I can do that with the Kandi trike. It says 70 MPG, but I haven’t tested this yet. Possible though! MC_D150TKA Specifications

My Experience

I experienced problems from the start . As stated in previous articles, shipping might be the cause of my problems. From CA to TN this trike probably traveled through at least three terminals on an oversized pallet that’s sometimes handled by careless workers. The trike showed up on a pallet split in two. My seat wouldn’t open and the key broke off in the ignition. Plus the cowling was broken and the guard bent. Week two, finally got to ride realizing that it had a terrible vibration forcing me to stop. I tried a toe adjustment and other recommendations from tech support. I paid $430 to ship it back to Scooter Depot to fix. I wanted to trade for the 250cc or 300cc because of the problems, but couldn’t work out a deal. I worked with Kelly at Sunny Sports (Scooter Depot – all different names for the same company) who got the trike in working order before shipping back. Contacting these companies is difficult because they stay busy and are in CA, but they take care of the problems. He said the vibration was due to an alignment issue. Here is a list of my pros and cons.


Comfortable and smooth ride

Great gas mileage and fast acceleration

Bright headlights for night driving

Not too big or heavy so it’s easy to move

Electric start and runs good

Street Legal and unique design

Good storage and features

Not that expensive

Fairly easy to work on


The key is a soft metal and can break if not careful when popping the seat.

The small glove box on the right side is almost useless and doesn’t stay closed.

Turning can be awkward until you figure out how it drives.

Needs a little more power and speed, but accelerates fast.

The fuel gauge isn’t accurate

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