Choosing the Right Netbook

Are you looking to buy a netbook, but unsure on which one to choose? I recently bought mine after extensive comparison shopping, and I’ll share with you why I made the selection I did and why I love it.

When choosing a netbook, I was careful that I chose just the right one. I wanted to choose a brand I knew had a good track record, lots of good options, and the right price. I didn’t like any of the ones I saw in the stores, but was surprised at how easy Dell’s website made it to pick and choose the features and software I wanted. I viewed their selection, and went with the Dell Inspiron Mini 10.

Of course, brand isn’t the only, or even the most important factor when choosing a computer. Perhaps the biggest concern (for the price) is hardware. That’s my favorite part about the Inspiron Mini, it’s got a more powerful processor and graphics card, more RAM, and a larger hard drive than other, similarly priced netbooks by other brands. Another plus is the fact that you can choose to have the full version of Windows 7 installed – at no extra cost – instead of Windows 7 Starter (a bare-bones version of Windows) which is often the only option on other netbooks (I’m looking at you, Acer.) Not to mention the fact that the Inspiron Mini is still one of the less expensive netbooks available. I got mine a year ago for about $309, before taxes and shipping. Color options are available at an additional cost if black isn’t your fave, although I think the Obsidian looks fantastic on this sleekly designed machine. In fact, this netbook is one of the nicest looking I’ve seen versus the ones in the stores. Basic features include a glossy 10.1-inch widescreen display, a comfortable keypad, and a built-in webcam/mic combo. It also has three USB ports, SD media card slot, and a VGA output for connecting a second monitor.

One of the few drawbacks about this machine is the trackpad. I’m not a fan of trackpads at all, but this one is a bit clumsy. Good thing trackpads aren’t necessary, just pop in a USB mouse and you’re good to go. If color choice is important to you, you might be disappointed by the fact that colors other than Obsidian Black and Ice Blue are an additional $45. Personally, I love the look of the black, but that’s just me.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the punch Dell packed in this tiny machine, and thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking a quality netbook for a good price.

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