‘Christmas at Tiffany’s’ – a Book Review

Last December, I was trying to find something to help me get into the Christmas spirit. I thought I had found it when I stumbled upon a book in Chapters; “Christmas at Tiffany’s” by Karen Swan. The cover of the book showed a young woman, walking in the snow and holding a red umbrella over her head. It seemed Christmas-y enough.

It turned out that it wasn’t. Christmas didn’t play a large role in the book as I thought it would.

It didn’t really get me into the Christmas spirit, but I still absolutely loved it.

The book is about a woman, Cassie, who after suffering a betrayal from her husband of ten years, leaves her home in Scotland in pursuit of a new life. She decides to take turns staying with each of her best friends. She begins by staying with her friend Kelly in New York, followed by staying with her friend Anook in Paris, and finally her friend Suzy in London. Throughout her journey, Cassie meets a lot of interesting people, creates everlasting friendships and, most importantly, discovers more about herself than she ever knew existed.

The plot sounds rather simple. I wasn’t expecting much from the book – but boy was I surprised!

The characters are well-written and lovable. The book made me laugh, and also cry at one point. Most chapters contained a surprise that made my jaw drop.

Also, the author manages to describe each city so well; everything came to life. The book managed to create in me a strong desire to travel.

So next time you’re looking for a good chick lit; I would definitely go for Karen Swan’s “Christmas at Tiffany’s.”

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