Christmas Candies

The crook of a candy cane

Ribboned red and white,

The thrill of chocolate chip cookies

Placed for Santa that night,

The sensation of spiced cider

With cinnamon and clove,

The scent of sweet, sweet chocolate

Melting on the stove,

Mashed potatoes and turkeys roasting

Eggnog, cocoa, and tea for toasting

The tasty construction

Of the gingerbread homes,

The rich smell of home made stuffing,

And good luck beans made with ham bones.

Cranberries bright and gleaming

As the potatoes and stuffing are steaming

A glass of milk to go with your fudge

Ignoring the scale and the holiday pudge

Pumpkin pie and other pastries

Along with homemade spice cake are temptingly tasty.

Give me the treats that make the holidays so grand

Give me the foods that make memories ever lasting

Bake with me, friends, and lend me a hand

Share with me this beautiful meal as we lend ourselves to tasting.

The holidays bring everyone together

In the spirit of love and friendship forever.

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