Christmas Day Planner of Over 25 Activities and Ideas

There may be a need for options and ideas in order to come up with the perfect Christmas Day plan. Mapping out a plan to cover Christmas Day may be a challenge. To make life easier during the holiday rush here are over 25 activities to consider for your Christmas Day plan.

Visit a neighbor. Christmas Day is the day of giving even if the offering offers time. Be good to a neighbor on Christmas Day with a greeting upon a visit. The visit could result in a new friendship or appreciation. Or at least keep the peace on Christmas Day.

Random act of kindness. Examples of random acts of kindness would include going to the store for a neighbor, picking up trash or leaves along cluttered curbs of a home owned by the elderly, walking someone else’s pet, giving to an outdoor donation center, or sparing some time for a relative or friend.

Create a popcorn string into a necklace. Pop some popcorn and the children can have fun stringing each piece. Contact your local craft store. Ask if they sell age appropriate plastic needles to string popcorn. Once a strand of popcorn at approximately 2 – 3 feet has been created tie the ends to form a necklace. Put a couple of popcorn necklaces aside for movie night!

Make a 2011 ornament. Let’s count the multiple ways to create a 2011 ornament. Styrofoam balls with items attached? Yes. Candy wrappers, popcorn, small photos, beads, glitter, fake white (snow)flakes, wrapping paper, dollar bills (Monopoly money), or miniature balled up paper of different colors can be glued to the ball. Always allow to dry before adding 2011.

Use permanent marker, permanent paint, or etch 2011? Keep the word permanent on mind. Permanent markers share a thick risk if too large. Permanent paint with the use of toothpicks is a popular choice. Dab a toothpick lightly into the paint and begin painting the numbers 2011 on the ornament. Etching Christmas ornaments can be dangerous and is not for everyone. Take a sharp edged instrument (could be small knife) and lightly scrape an area of a glass Christmas ornament where 2011 is intended to display. The scratched surface, in most cases, will appear a different color as the outer shell of the ornament. Etch out the numbers 2011 with caution. Some glass ornaments can break when applying too much pressure or lacking caution.

Light a candle, say a prayer. Missing someone? Want to offer prayers for something or someone you feel very passionate about? Light a candle in their memory or offer a passionate prayer. A moment which could be shared with others or experienced alone.

Have a party or gathering on Christmas Day. Invite a church group, co-workers, sports team, or classmates. Make the party or gathering a neighborhood thing. First on that list should be family and friends.

Dining out or in on Christmas Day? Not everyone experiences a small boy in thin clothing dropping off a prize bird from the greedy guy who lives along Wall Street. Christmas dinner doesn’t fall from the sky. It walks across roads or swims in water. In search of Christmas dinner leads many towards eating out. Check local diners to see who is and who is not open during Christmas Day. Having an outdoor picnic in warmer climates is not out of the question. And serving an indoor dinner with all the trimmings and thankful reminders can be a huge hit on Christmas Day.

Baking cookies can be festive and yummy. With the right supervision a child can have the time of their life when it comes to making cookies. Since it is Christmas Day decorate the cookies with holiday spirit. Use the traditional colors of the holiday within the white icing. Simply apply a drop of red or green food coloring. Add M&M’s, Hershey’s Kisses, nuts or sprinkles and prepare for a splash of happy mistakes.

Make Jesus a birthday cake. Yes. Jesus deserves a birthday cake. He is our savior after all. And on Christmas Day he can save us from hunger pains. Thank you Jesus! Bake a cake to decorate with a phrase in his honor. Or simply write “Happy Birthday Jesus” on the face of the cake. Enjoy the cake after dinner or donate the cake to a church or a center geared to feed the needy on Christmas Day.

Note: Making a Jesus birthday cake does not assure the arrival of Jesus. If Jesus unexpectedly does show up, rudely attends the birthday bash, blows out the candles before demanding his “gifts” please contact local authorities. In all respects. A birthday cake in the honor of Jesus is a beautiful idea.

Build a gingerbread house. A gingerbread house is too complex to just whip up from scratch in one afternoon. It is best to purchase a gingerbread house from a box in a local craft store. Michael’s usually carries seasonal gingerbread houses at affordable prices. Take some time and build some memories on Christmas Day. Build a gingerbread house.

Walking on Christmas Day is a healthy activity. Take the family on a walk, pets included, and enjoy the sights the family may never get to see everyday. It is the gift of nature.

Take a scenic drive to view the countryside or admire holiday Christmas lights and decorations. Bring the Christmas music on this ride. Don’t leave home without it!

Parks and playgrounds are two locations a family can stretch out for some exercise or merely to sit together absorbing the great outdoors. Children can bring the toys too large or aggressive for indoor play to the park or playground.

Sports can be entertaining during Christmas Day. There’s football, soccer, baseball, hockey or a relay. Anything involving body movement in competition can be considered a sport. Assist children by forming two teams to play in one of these sports. Plastic bats may be required to lower injury rates when choosing baseball.

A child activity table on the floor at easy access range can be a saving grace during an unexpected busy moment for a parent. The table can include a notepad for writing, safe writing instruments, a deck of cards (such as Old Maid), an activity book, or a gift. A gift? Wrap up a gift and place it on the activity table for the child. Inside they could find a new game that they can play at the table, a new doll they can dress up at the table, or any other gift that would appeal to them. Simply make the activity table one of the highlights for a child on Christmas Day.

Make a Christmas Day video. Whether with family or friends make a Christmas Day video for future generations to view. Every family should have a Christmas Day video that begins at the moment a child walks down the stairs to retrieve their Christmas gift(s).

Watching festive movies on Christmas Day is a favorite. Classics to present, there are many options. It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol are two inexpensive popular classics. Even at purchase price. Make that popcorn! Or eat the popcorn string created earlier while watching a holiday flick on Christmas Day. Got that Ralph?

Television usually has a good line up of Christmas programs scheduled each December 25th. It is all about ratings so don’t expect Halloween to crash that Christmas party! From sitcoms to specials, the airtime has no limit. Check local listings for what is scheduled for Christmas day. Kick back and enjoy a show with the entire family (or alone).

Christmas caroling on Christmas Day marks a tradition for some. The first time a person carols it may feel odd or a little out of place. But caroling becomes more comfortable as open doors welcome the free entertainment. Clear that throat and gather thy friends for a Christmas Day to share in song.

Play a favorite instrument on Christmas Day for family and friends (the audience). A mother or father could assist a child in making this a reality. And if it is the parent who is skilled with a music instrument it would be nice to share the talent with others on Christmas Day. Or a person could use an hour alone to practice their instrument but that’s not fun.

The Nutcracker can instantly turn fans into ballet lovers. This activity best works for little girls. Invite a child’s friends over for a Nutcracker viewing. Rent the movie or catch a Nutcracker performance on the television. Place treats in the viewing room and lots of area for a little girl to stretch her ballet legs. Mats can be used. You can also place cute hair clips and other fashionable accessories around for the girls to use while viewing the movie. And don’t forget the mirror!

Write a Christmas poem with a family member, a friend, or make it your own. A Christmas Day poem can actually offer a good feeling from within. It could be about a youthful Christmas memory or a present Christmas wish. The mighty pen holds the key to expression. Express yourself on Christmas Day.

Create thank you cards. It is a given. How many times has someone contacted you to ask if you received their delivered gift? It is their way of suggesting that perhaps a thank you would have been nice. To create thank you cards simply gather a white piece of paper and fold it twice. Glue a couple of small decorative items to the face of the white paper card. Allow to dry. Write thank you along with the phrase that best fits what message you would like to send. Send the card to them on December 26th.

A board game can be fun to break out on Christmas Day. But wouldn’t it seem best to use the board game Santa delivered? That’s right. It is time to purchase a new board game. And what better time to use it than on Christmas Day with the entire family?

Video games are wrapped up in a golden rule. All gifts given on Christmas morning should be used at least once on Christmas Day. Video games included. Kids, and some adults, love that tradition.

Call relatives! Send holiday greetings to the ones missed or the ones for which there is no escape (regardless of distance or connection issues). Truth is, they put up with you just as much as you put up with them. It is time to wish holiday greetings and to all a good night.

Want more Christmas Day activity options? Phone a friend.

Merry Christmas!

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