Christmas Family Video

When I was a small boy, my father enjoyed writing comedic scripts for us children to perform during the Christmas holiday. One Christmas, he decided to film us: singing Christmas carols (Jingle Bells, Batman smells…), decorating our small, plastic tree, and spending quality time as a family.

There is a specific scene I remember where us kids (4 of us) were laying in bed, scared because our parents had gone on a date and left us “home alone.” With the house to ourselves, we heard noises outside and climbed into bed shivering and trembling with fear. As the story progressed, we finally realized that the noises we had heard from outside were merely Santa Clause trying to get in our house to present us with gifts.

I remember enjoying watching those videos every year. Getting older and gaining a family of my own, I plan to write and direct movies with my family. Looking back at those videos now that I’m older, I realize how important it was to spend that time bonding with my siblings and parents and look forward to forming my own traditions with my own wife and kids.

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