Christmas Time Colors

Christmas time is when my face is all-a-glowing,
Reddened by the wind and snow-a-blowing.
Happy times and memories of my youthful ways,
Forgotten are blues of my wasted yesterdays.

As happy as Christmas is to me,
Forgotten not is my time here as it flees.
I am aware that my sands are slipping by,
Thinking of this I am not sure why.

Is it the sands of time or the grains of snow,
Of this I am sure I will never know.
So my holidays are filled with a constant dread,
And the sense that I will sooner be dead.

So if happy notes are what you care to sing,
Pass this poem by or give it a wing.
Because I feel sadness does not get its due,
As Christmas time fills me with blue.

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