Citizenship by Investment: Profile of Countries for High Net Worth Investment

When you’re a high net worth individual, there are only two things on your mind when it comes to your capital: growth and protection. Oh were it possible for everyone to grow above the rate of inflation on some tax-free CD’s or municipal bonds. But have you ever considered citizenship by investment? Gaining citizenship by investment in another country is often the way to go. But where are the best nations to move to when you’re trying to protect your high net worth assets? Here’s a snapshot:

CANADA/QUEBEC: Two of the most popular places to go for dual citizenship because both have so much to offer residents by way of rural outposts and urban metropolises. In Canada and Quebec an initial investment of $400,000 is required with a financing option of $140,000. There are small government fees and application fees but no professional fees as there are in other countries. There is Visa-travel more than 6 months out of the year so folks are free to take up roost in another place for a prolonged period. The application processing time is lengthy (18-24 mos.) and the physical residence before the time to citizenship is 4 years.

AUSTRALIA: Another very popular place to consider citizenship by investment for high net worth individuals is Australia. In the land down under a kick off investment of AU$1.5 mill is required. There are two processing fees for the government of very small amounts and there are no financing options either. Australia requires no professional fees and the short processing time (9-12 mos.) makes the outback one to consider.

UNITED KINGDOM: With an initial investment of 1 Million pounds and a financing option of 170,000 pounds the UK is another great option for citizenship by investment. Unsurprisingly though the UK is fraught with delay as the processing time (18-24 mos.) and the path to citizenship (5 years) is a lot for some people to handle.

UNITED STATES: If you’ve always wondered what the hum-drum life is like in the good old USA, you can gain citizenship by investment and see for yourself. With an initial investment of $500,000 and a small amount due towards government fees, one good thing about inclusion in the US is that there are no financing contribution fees. There are however professional fees of what appears to be currently $50,000 or less (check with whoever is running paperwork for your individual situation.) Waiting time on the United States is a solid 24 months and there are only 155 days of Visa free travel allowed.

HONG KONG: The far East awaits you and citizenship by investment in Hong Kong is very much available. A HK$6.5 mill investment is required before moving in and there are small government fees. 168 days of Visa free travel are allowed from Hong Kong.

ST KITTS & NEVIS: Some people would rather be on a tropical paradise; St Kitts and Nevis allows that. There are a myriad of fees including US$350,000 investment, $200,000/$250,000 financing option for individuals/families of 4, $35,000 in government fees, and $35,000 in professional fees. The good news with this nation though is there is little waiting with most applications getting processed in three months and citizenship taking hold in three months. There is also the added bonus of there not having to be any physical residency or any interviews during the citizenship by investment process.

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