Civilization 5 – American Civ Guide

The American civ in the video game Civilization 5 is one of many different types of civs that occupy the game, for either the player or the AI to control in each game. This guide will give a brief overview of the benefits this civilization receives along with details on its leader, George Washington and special units like B17 and the Minutemen. There are no unique structures for the Americans in Civ 5.

Civilization Leader: George Washington
Commonly known as the first president of the United States of America, George Washington was also an important figure and General in the revolutionary war which led to America’s independence. As an AI player, George will focus America on building defensive units, recon units and attempting a space based victory more so than any other factors. Second to space, Washington will probably go for a diplomatic victory and will not be threatened if the player decides to compete for these goals. Hostility inducing actions primarily consist of warmongering in attempts for a conquest victory, as while he is not outwardly aggressive to other nations, he will definitely be one of the more war capable nations.

Special Ability: Manifest Destiny
The American civilization benefits from the Manifest Destiny ability which grants a +1 range to land sight along with a 25% discount to tile associated costs. These abilities greatly benefit the AI’s tendency to go for a large amount of land grabbing, keeping them a heavy contender for land space.

Special Unit: B-17 Flying Fortress
The B-17 Flying Fortress is one of two of the American’s unique units, this one in particular which replaces the base unit, the Bomber. It posses similar base stats with two significant exceptions. First the B-17 receives -50% damage from interceptions, a trait which is a token of the real life plane which possessed many turrets to ward off fighters and was always capable of receiving significant damage and returning home in one piece. Second is a +25% bonus to damage against cities, which makes the B-17 a potent tool for blasting enemies into societal ruin.

Special Unit: Minutemen
The Minutemen are America’s replacement for the Renaissance era Musketman. Both of these units are almost identical, considering strength, production costs and so forth, with one particular difference. The Minutemen treat all land types as having a cost of 1 to move, therefore making them powerful scouts, since normal scouts have low combat strength.

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