Cleaning Your Convertable Top

Two years ago, I bought a used 1994 Chrysler Le baron convertible. The convertible top was in dire need of cleaning. At first, I thought that I would just power wash it. The power wash would remove some of the build up, but not all. This article will give you a step by step cleaning process.

Step One; Work in a shaded area and rinse the top. You do this to remove any loose dirt or debris.

Step Two; Apply a cleaner that is designed just for vinyl and fabric. A good brand is RaggTopp. This will loosen and remove tough stains and spoils. It also helps prevent mildew stains. You simply spray it on and let it set for at least two to three minutes. Be generous with the application.

Step Three; For heavier stains, you might have to let it sit for at least twenty minutes.

Step Four; Use a nylon scrub pad or brush and lightly scrub the entire roof area. Be sure to work it into the fabric. Pay close attention to the seams and window areas. These areas will build up spoils quicker. You might have to do this procedure twice. It depends on the stains and mildew buildup.

Step Five; Rinse the top thoroughly with water. Now, let it set and dry.

Step Six; Move your vehicle into full sunlight, if possible.

Step Seven; Apply a protect-ant to the roof top. RaggTopp also has one of these available. Apply a light coat and overlap your area. Keep the spray light. Cover stitches, seams and windows. It is suggested that you use two to three processes of the protect-ant spray. This will not hurt your top. Allow ten minutes of drying time in the sun. Always spray in the shade and dry in the sun.

Step Eight; Clean up the over spill on the paint and windows. A microfiber rag will do a good job. You can use window cleaner for the windows.

Water should bead up on top of your convertible top. You should try to clean your top at least twice a year in this method.

If you have a garage, consider using it during the Fall and Spring seasons. This is when mildew is the highest. It is also when leaves and pollens can land on the top of your vehicle. Regular rain, snow and ice shouldn’t hurt your top. However, heavy sunlight will eventually take its toll on your convertible top. sunlight will bleach out the color of your top.

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