Clear Skin for the Holidays, Guaranteed!

For those of us with the most stubborn cases of acne, it is likely that changing the food you eat can make a major difference in improving your skin.

Ann Gittleman’s Fat Flush diet may be all you need to greatly improve your skin problems. The Fat Flush diet takes two weeks. As an added bonus, if you are unsure about any food allergies you may have, the Fat Flush diet will allow you to figure out what foods irritate your system. You must eliminate sugar, trans fats, grains and starch vegetables, and dairy products while following the diet. Once the two weeks are over and you begin consuming grains or dairy again, it will be easy to tell if these types of foods are causing skin breakouts.

For the duration of the Fat Flush diet, the only fat you consume will come from meats or proteins, and two daily tablespoons of flaxseed oil that you can add to your meals. It is very important to take the two tablespoons of oil daily, as the oil will help eliminate any oil-soluble poisons that have been stored in the fatty tissues of the body. Environmental toxins from chemicals and pesticides in food, air, and water are stored in body fat.

During the diet, it is also best to give up caffeine sources, including coffee and tea. Drinking water is much more important. Water will keep the skin hydrated, get rid of excess salt in the body, and help the body’s elimination of stored fat. Those who drink a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal tend to fill up on less food.

Does this diet sound too strict? I must admit to cheating on the diet in some ways. For example, after two days without sugar, I began to experience minor headaches. On the third day, I tried adding minimal amounts of sugar to my diet, and the headaches went away. I mixed an unsweetened cocoa and one small teaspoon of sugar, and consumed that several times throughout the day.

Even though I disregarded some rules of the diet, the results were miraculous! After a few days of the Fat Flush diet, I woke up one day with clearer, smaller pores. Also, most of my skin discoloration disappeared, and my acne scars started to fade. I did lose weight quickly as well, but to me that is a nice side effect. The greatest benefit for me was beautiful skin! And that definitely made the Fat Flush diet worth it to me.

If you are currently experiencing acne problems, I recommend you start this diet right away. When your friends and relatives come into town for the holidays, you may be able to surprise them with much better skin.

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