Cleveland Launcher Fairway Shaft Specs

The Cleveland Launcher fairway woods provide you with more carry distance, according to Cleveland Golf. Along with the added distance, you will improve the launch angle, giving your golf ball more hang time. The specifications of the standard shaft installed on the Launcher is determined by your swing speed and your playing characteristics.

Shaft Considerations

The shaft specifications in the Cleveland Launcher will make a difference in your game. One of the most important shaft considerations of your Launcher golf club is the flex of the shaft. The flex impacts your golf balls trajectory, distance, accuracy and consistency when striking the ball. During your swing, the Launcher flexes throughout the swing until the club strikes the ball. Determining your swing speed determines what flex Launcher you will need to improve your game. The standard shaft that comes on the Launcher is the Diamana brand which has three different flexes.

Amateur Flex

The Cleveland Launcher fairway woods come in amateur flex or senior flex. A flex such as this is for swing speeds that range from 75 to 90 miles-per-hour (mph). You will generally get a carry distance of 180 to 200 yards with this flex shaft. If you tend to slice the ball, hook the ball or your accuracy is inconsistent, you may have too much swing speed for this flex shaft.

Regular Flex

The regular flex shaft found on the Cleveland Launcher is the most common shaft used by amateur golfers. The flex is for a golfer with a swing speed between 90 and 100 mph. You will get anywhere from 200 to 240 yards of carry distance with a Launcher with a regular flex shaft.

Stiff Flex

A stiff flex is also available for the standard Cleveland Launcher fairway wood. You need a swing speed between 100 and 110 mph to use this stiff of shaft. The stiff shaft will give you a carry distance anywhere from 240 to 275 yards. If you use a shaft that is too stiff, you lose distance, as well as feel of club face at impact. Your ball will generally go right and your launch angle will be lower than it could be if you use too stiff of a shaft on the Launcher fairway wood.

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