CM Punk, Triple H and Kevin Nash: Where’s This Angle Going

CM Punk is probably going to receive another career boost after he defeats Triple H at Night of the Champions. That’s right, CM Punk is going to defeat Triple H but I don’t think Punk will be able to defeat Triple H all alone. Remember that Triple H fired his former friend Kevin Nash?

Put two and two together. The match is a no disqualification match and this means that anything can go. This is why Nash is going to get himself involved in the match and attack Triple H, allowing CM Punk to win. This match is going to be great but I think it is obvious that Nash is going to interrupt the match and Triple H will no longer be running things anymore. So who will be running the WWE if Triple H loses at Night of the Champions.

Kevin Nash will be the one to take things over in the WWE. CM Punk will be kept from having any title shot until Nash and Punk has a match. I think that the match will be a retirement match and Nash will end up losing to CM Punk and Nash will retire from wrestling for good. Nash has even said that he wants to retire with the WWE and it seems that Kevin Nash is nearing retirement as he has not been in a wrestling match in quite sometime.

Nash will run retire and then Vince will comeback and take charge once again. McMahon will remain in power until he decides to really retire and hand over the WWE to somebody else, this time for real though. Anyways, the Nash, Punk and Triple H story line is one of the best story lines that the WWE has had in quite some time.

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