Colgate “Optic White” Toothpaste–A Review in Progress

After mulling the idea for a few weeks, I finally broke down and bought a tube of Colgate’s new “Optic White” toothpaste. It claims to have the same ingredient as whitening strips, and will result in whiter teeth in one week.

Why not just use the strips? Well, I have. They are a little messy, I sometimes forget to apply them, and they cost out the wazoo. Toothpaste, if it works, would certainly be easier…. I’m doing something that I’m going to do anyway.

“Optic White” is a little pricier than normal toothpaste. The local Rite Aid retails it for $3.99. This week, however, there was a $2 coupon for a future store purchase offered. Coupled with my RA Wellness Card discount, I paid $1.59 for the tube. At 4.0 ounces, this is one of the smaller tubes offered in the toothpaste market.

After several uses, I like the strong minty flavor of the paste. My teeth feel clean after use, probably because I make sure I pass over every nook and cranny—-just in case this whitening thing works out. On that front, I am going to reserve judgment. After all, they say on the box that it takes one week to see whiter teeth. So I am going to be patient and give them that. I’ll be back next weekend to reveal my final verdict on “Optic White.”

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