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Colorado Springs is located in the south-central area of Colorado, and is surrounded by the Front Range mountains. This beautiful city offers breathtaking vistas, and while it does not have a large film and television market, local productions and theater companies have begun to explore the wonders of this region. If you are a local actor and wish to expand your resume credits and make professional industry contacts, you will want to sign with a Colorado Springs talent agency. Within this article, I outline the top talent agencies in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which includes the agencies basic information as well as their current submission requirements.

VIA Entertainment:

VIA Entertainment was established in 1993, which makes it one of the oldest talent agencies within the Colorado Springs area. This agency specializes in placing actors in local film projects as well as in Hollywood major motion pictures. If you wish to have access to the top auditions within the Colorado Springs area, then you will want to signw itht his agency. With offices not only in Colorado Springs, but also in Denver, Colorado and San Antonio, Texas actors are able to be represented in numerous markets, thus enhancing the number of auditions you can go on.

Submission Guidelines:

If you are interested in submitting your materials for representation, you will need to navigate your web browser to VIA Entertainment, and select the Application form. Upon publication, VIA Entertainment only accepts submissions through their website. The application requires your contact information, general physical information, and a synopsis of your acting or modeling information.

VIA Entertainment

MTA Talent:

MTA Talent is the oldest talent agency in the Colorado Springs area. This agency was established in 1967, and throughout this time the agency has developed a reputation as having some of the most talent performers in Colorado. MTA Talent is SAG franchised as well as WGA franchised, thus allowing the agency to represent union actors and union screenwriters.

Submission Guidelines:

If you are interested in being considered for representation, you should submit your headshot, resume, cover letter and demo reel (if available) directly to the agency. While agency does represent beginner performers, it is suggested that you have some professional experience as well as professional training. Mail all of the required materials to the following address:

MTA Talent
Lucy Mattas
1026 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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