Company Makes Gigantic IPhone Dock

With the plethora of ever ingenious iPod docks out there, all of which seem to promote smallness as the truly cool thing, a company called Behringer’s has decided to go the opposite way. They’ve chosen to create a mighty behemoth of an iPhone Dock that is eight feet wide, weighs nine hundred pounds and blasts out sound at 10,000 watts of amplification. Though it may not be recommended, it’s easy to imagine sitting on this thing feeling your favorite acid rock song shake you literally to the bone.

Wired magazine calls it a “ton of sound” which is quite apt as this bad boy could very clearly knock your socks off it you stand close enough. They equate the amount of sound this one device can produce from your tiny iPod, to that most would experience at a rock concert.

According to Wired, the iNuke Boom, as it’s makers are calling it, is actually more of a novelty item than a product for sale, but reps at CES, which is where the demo model was sitting (with a pretty girl laying on top of it, to illustrate it’s, uh, giant size), insist that if anyone wants one, they can put one together in no time flat and ship it out. They also point out that such a product would more likely be consistent with those that have room to house it, which implies a lot of money. This makes sense, pumping out 10,000 watts is more on the size of systems built for night clubs, than for enjoyment at home. But that’s because most at home don’t have nightclub sized dance halls in a back room. Thus, it appears such a trinket is only for those who wouldn’t bother to ask how much it might cost.

Fortunately, the company was wise enough to subdivide the system inside, rather than try to cram in giant components; they’ve used several smaller ones instead. Inside the box it has two 18 inch subwoofers, four neodymium mid-range drivers, and two titanium compression drivers for all those screaming high notes. And it all comes in a very stable and sturdy housing, which means, if you wanted to, you could actually dance on top of it.

Apparently the vibration from the monstrosity is not just bone jarring, but useful. The editor from Wired reports that if you don ear plugs, you can use it as a massage table.

Oh, and for those that are curious, purchasing one of these iPod docks will set you back about 30 grand.

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