Company Sponsored Property Management for Temporary Relocation

When a company has to make an employee make a move, time is of the essence. By the time a big corporation has poured over the data and made the decision to relocate an employee, they are ready to make the move. Still, with all that tension and such a big decision for the employee to make, time needs to be allowed for some good old fashioned employee recruiting going on.

The employee must be made feel important, they must be wooed into submission, so to speak. One way which an employee recruiting mission can come off as successful is if the company offers to take the employees home off their hands for a while.

Moving can be a bear; if an employee is only needed for a short term period of time, this can be seen as a benefit and as a burden. As the homeowner, the employee can’t just walk away from their obligations. They could be on some 30 year-with-grandchildren trajectory. Still, if an employee is willing and able to do so, a company could be convinced to enter into some kind of a property management exchange with the employee.

Basically what would happen is the employees obligations towards the home would be void for the time that they are not in the home. This means that the company would be obligated to take on the burden of paying for the home.

How can a company do this if the home is just going to sit empty? Well, as property managers, the company could rent out the space. Just so long as the employee knows that this is going to be the arrangement going in, the company can actually do very well for themselves by getting a tenant into the home. Not only is the security of the home increased because it will be occupied by this new tenant, but the prospective tenants would pay for lights and electricity and utilities and would keep the home in good care. These tenants would also pay rent which would help offset the company’s expense in having to pay for a mortgage.

If the company can’t find tenants to fill the shoes of the home for a period of the owner’s occupancy, they could always turn the case over to a property management company. If a property management company worth much of anything can’t find a tenant then there must not be a tenant out there to be had.

Still if the place will sit empty, that won’t stop any decent property management company from doing the due diligence in keeping the property up to snuff. Even if there are no tenants in the vacant home, the property management company can help keep the property repaired, inspected, sealed, and to code.

This can be a particularly good employee recruiting tool. If you have an employee who is going to be on the fence about leaving his home, a decent property management team will be able to set the homeowners mind at ease.

Good property management companies also handle all the detail work; from maintaining your home physically to paying your mortgage, taxes, and other expenses.

The property management services of some companies offer rental services which include locating, screening, and clearing the temporary tenants. Wherever you do go for your relocation you will be glad to know that there is a responsible company looking after your home while you’re gone. You may think, when you leave your perfect home, that by the time you come back the place will be trashed. Using a brand name property management company, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact you may come home to find your hedges trimmed better than when you were the gardener. This is all companies like this do; makes sure that the transition for relocating an employee is handled with care and respect. Even if the move is just temporary, the property management services teams should be able to provide all the safeguards which the employee will be able to know that they will come home to a peaceful and ‘just like we left it, maybe better’ home.

Of course some employees would just rather not have anyone living in their home at all. That is a choice that the employee is going to have to make with the company while they are doing the dance of employee recruiting. As the prospective employee you can always turn away and decline. The company if they hired you elsewhere should not be able to fire you for turning down a promotion.

Still, it is a great big world out there and people need to see as much of it as they can. If the price for a period of pampered, paid-for living is having to relocate for a little while, people should be open to the opportunity. It’s a boon so few of us actually get to enjoy and traveling the country or the world on the company dime is one of the best ways to go.


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