I am surrounded by a vast darkness
a darkness like no other
there is no shame and no sorrow
for I am hidden from the world
no one will ever find me
but wait!
I hear something!
a sound like no other
there is no fear and no hate
for in this sound I hear a new chance for life
it tries to find me…
but yet it can’t
I lose hope
a new beginning calls to me
yet I do not answer
my heart beats rapidly
I am confused
for I feel relief… and fear
fear of starting over, changing my ways
I struggle to answer
for now I am paralyzed
I am filled with strange thoughts
I knew I wanted to be found
yet I was afraid to
It calls again
and I still don’t answer
for now I feel hope… and disappointment
It calls for one last time
and is gone
I am agonized
a chance for a better future
a chance like no other… lost

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