Conrad Murray Found Guilty

I can not stand the foolishness of our justice system and it sickens me that I will be a part of it one day. I am so annoyed by the news that Conrad Murray is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Does anyone honestly think that Murray wanted his top paying client to die? How was that supposed to benefit him? In my opinion, Micheal Jackson killed himself. Jackson made the choices that led to his death, no one else. I think that it is sick that just because people loved MJ, they are blind to how damaging his behaviors and decisions were. They just wanted to find someone, anyone, to blame because the beloved Micheal could not have possibly hurt himself and they chose the doctor because he was the easiest target. After all, he is the one handing out the pills right? And how many pills exactly did he push down Micheal’s throat? It’s so unfortunate how when it comes to celebrities, everyone else is committing the crimes that lead to their demise. We want to hold celebrities on such a high pedestal that it’s impossible to imagine them doing anything wrong. I am convinced that regardless of who his doctor was, Micheal’s conclusion would have been the same. He would have ended up the same way because it is HIS decisions that got him to that point and not the decisions of anyone else. What was the doctor supposed to do? Save his life? You can’t save someone who does not want to be saved. If I was a doctor, I would refuse to work with celebrities just because of this mess. Because whenever something went wrong in that person’s life, you will automatically get blamed for it and would find yourself in a highly publicized trial. People act like locking up this INNOCENT man will bring back Micheal Jackson. Shame on all of you insane people who are cheering at this ridiculousness. If Micheal didn’t die that day, he would have died the next, or the next because he made STUPID choices.

Casey Anthony get’s to walk around freely after killing her daughter while Murray sits in jail for four years and you say the justice system is fair??

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