Considering Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand?

Dedication to beauty and anti-aging is very expensive for the average person to maintain. That was before the rise of medical tourism. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand, India and Singapore is the latest affordable option available for the regular person seeking to look like a celebrity or simply to improve a few flaws. In Thailand, however, quality medical care meets the countries expertise in tourism. The result is a cosmetic surgery holiday in luxury with round-the-clock medical care. There are a few reasons such an option may be the right one for you.

Thai medical tourism isn’t a fad.

According to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, an estimated 19 million international travelers came to Asia seeking cosmetic surgery in 2005. By 2008, the institute found that more than 300,000 such patients visited Thailand alone. These numbers are increasing steadily each year, with no signs of subsiding.

Thailand’s Cosmetic Surgery Facilities and Doctors are Accredited

The medical tourism guide states that more than 200 doctors in the small nation of Thailand hold American medical licenses. In fact, many of the Thai doctors are licensed, trained internationally and work at internationally accredited hospitals specializing in cosmetic surgery. Bangkok, Thailand, for example, is home to Bumrungrad International Hospital – a hospital holds accreditation by the American institution Joint Commission International and International Organization for Standardization.

Have Plastic Surgery and Heal in Luxury

The popularity of medical tourism in Thailand has led to medical tourism agencies that offer plastic surgery Thailand packages. The trips offer:

VIP treatment before and after surgery

Surgery by doctors vetted for safety and experience

Recuperation in luxury hotel-like establishments

Onsite nurses trained in recovery medicine

Plastic surgery and recovery away from the prying eyes of peers

Plastic surgery packages with an vacation and surgery for one low price.

In addition, Thailand is a long-time tourist nation that knows how to treat tourists looking to explore paradise after their surgery.

The Surgery Costs Truly are Low

A 2005 study by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research found that Thailand’s cosmetic surgery costs are 50 percent or less than prices found in the U.S. For example, you could:

Receive a hair transplant in the U.S. for up to $4,000 or have the procedure in a luxury clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery in Phuket Thailand for $1,000.

Opt for a $5,500 tummy tuck and heal at home in the states or take a cosmetic surgery holiday in Thailand for $3,000.

Undergo a $5,000 facelift at home or pay $2,400 to recover in paradise and return home after the bandages, swelling and discoloration (that come after cosmetic surgery) have vanished.

A medical tourism agency offering packages for cosmetic surgery in Thailand prices the packages around the low costs of procedures, hotel stays and other amenities in the country.

See Thailand’s Medical Tourism Industry for Yourself

Don’t just “live with” a cosmetic flaw because you can’t afford the cost of surgery. Instead, take a much needed vacation and have the plastic surgery. Then, return to your family and friends looking vital, refreshed and younger. Let them figure out how you did it!


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