Constipation is a world-wide problem. Fact is that those who have chronic constipation struggle day and night. Some do feel the need to go to the toilet others lost that feeling. Only if they are in terrible pain, they know they are full of stool from head till toe. At this point they are not able to eat and sometimes even drink anymore. Imagine what kind of life that is.
With chronic constipation you feel mostly out of energy, seldom look great and there are many days in your life you are sitting at your stool and have a very painful belly.

Since constipation is considered to be private there is less change you can talk about it. This makes it hard to explain how you feel but also to get good, personal advice. Fact is constipation is common and a female problem. So it’s not the most interesting case for a doctor. He will tell you to have more excercise, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. He will seldom ask you if it runs in to your family neither if you already have this problem since your birth/childhood. If you are lucky he will see it as a side effect of your medication and/or illness.
If you are the one with chronic constipation you have to find a way to help yourself.

My granny always said running up and down the stairs helps, so does drinking a glass of lukewarm water immediately after you wake up plus a bowl tutti-frutti.
According to my father the problem just exists just in the head. Why should intestines trust you if you don’t trust them to do the job?
Our housekeeper says black coffee and cigars will make you run. My mother will tell you to massage your intestines if you are in pain and one of my friends is advising wapiti intestines function pills.

Since nobody can use a laxative for a life time you have to change your life style if you are suffering for chronic constipation. You should at least get rid of your stool once a week if you don’t want your dysfunctional intestines to kill you.

The best thing to do is to clean your intestines, make a new start (like a baby) and find out yourself what your intestines can handle or not. I found out it’s not the food the doctor advises me nor the laxative he subscribes. That kind of food makes me sick. His laxative makes my belly look like a big balloon and me farting for days. And I still have constipation.

How can you help yourself?

Live a regular life and go to the toilet at least 2 times a day, each day at the same time. Don’t get focused, read a book so your mind is busy with something else.

Don’t stay at the toilet too long. The longer you sit down the more the part of the intestine that is filled with stool gets damaged. It will probably look like a bag already. It’s hard and painful to get hard stool out of there.

Go to the toilet as soon as you feel the need or think you feel the need.

Drink a glass of lukewarm water each morning after you wake up. This will wake up your intestines.

Clean your intestines by eating less and only home-made chicken soup (without vegetables), cooked meat or fish, eggs (boiled or fried) and home-made yoghurt incl. the living cultures (= probiotic).

Don’t eat: bread, cookies, pizza, pasta, pies, cakes, cereals, pancakes, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, beans, cabbage, onions, red pepper, potatoes, french frites, potatoes chips, sugar, candies, soft drinks, cola, beer, alcohol, milk, chocolate milk, bananas, etc anymore.

Don’t fry fish or meat, it’s better to cook or “fry” it on a low temperature.

Eat mainly home-made food.

Eat home-made yoghurt and/or home made kefir. The living culture has to be alive. BTW probiotic in fluids are more effective as in dry form. You can also try Yakult but be aware of the fact that if you are an adult you will need at least 3 till 6 of these small bottles a day.

Massage your belly daily, or better twice a day (there are people specialized in massage of the intestines).

Don’t sit for hours in the same pose.

Have several small, light meals a day

Drink enough

Don’t overeat ever

If your intestines are clean for some weeks, you can start eating different kind of food (the ones you all had to skip). Just a bit and one by one. Your body will tell you how it feels. Don’t ignore it.

Be aware of the fact that it will take time to get rid of the old stool, activate your intestines and keep them activated.

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