Cook Away the Wild Taste of Venison

Have you ever wondered why each deer tastes different? Many factors play a roll in how deer meat tastes, like not properly cooling and processing the animal in a timely manner, excess lactic acid, the deer’s diet and what hunters refer to as the adrenalin dump, just to name a few. By following a few simple cooking instructions, you can cook away the wild taste of venison.

The Hunter’s Job
Ensure a clean, direct shot that will drop the deer instantly. Field dress it immediately, wash the meat and cool it to below 40 degrees F. then process it as soon as possible. (Within a few hours.)

The Cook’s Job
When cooking a roast or large hunk of meat, boil it instead of baking it. Add onions, Morton Nature’s Seasons, half a cup of Dale’s Steak Seasoning and enough hot water to completely cover the meat. Boil it for several hours, adding water when necessary, until the meat pulls easily apart with a fork. This will lend the venison more of a beef taste.

When cooking steak, cube steak, tenderloin, etc., marinate it for several hours or a few days if possible in buttermilk and pickling spice. If you do not have buttermilk on hand, mix a bit of vinegar and milk to create your own. Then season, marinade and cook it like you normally would any other meat.

*Adrenalin Dump – If a deer is shot but doesn’t drop immediately, adrenaline instantly dumps into their blood, muscles and tissue, giving their meat a “wild” taste. If the deer drops immediately, their adrenalin doesn’t have as much time to course through their body, leaving a different taste to their meat.

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