Cordial Visit

That time of year is upon us once again
I get on the bus and make the trip home
With a refined feeling of nostalgia
And a sigh, I sit back and wait
The hours pass by quickly
But my thoughts still have not aligned

As they probably will never be aligned
For you, when I speak again
A response always comes quickly
Quicker than the regret of coming home
I listen to your banter and wait
Along with regret, my feeling of nostalgia

Why, after all this time do I carry nostalgia?
My true feelings for you were never aligned
So I sit and wait
Soon, you will ask again
Why don’t I come home
My eyes dart away quickly

Unbeknownst to you, how quickly
You’ll never have a sense of nostalgia
For you never felt truly at home
As a father, your responsibility never aligned
To be there for your children again
So you were left to wait

How long did I have to wait?
For love and protection; I learned quickly
I had to provide for myself, again and again
So why do I have a sense of nostalgia?
Nostalgic is unpredictable, can never be aligned
But to come here, home

I always regret coming home
Just to listen to your patronizing and wait
You will never know how my life was aligned
I had to learn for myself quickly
Be gone, nostalgia
So I will never have to endure this again

I want to be myself again, with my own thoughts aligned
I will build my own home, free of guilt and nostalgia
Until then, I fake a smile and wait; this cordial visit will end quickly

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