Core Values for a Business

Respect and Value Others

We value our fellow Team Members and treat them with respect. Team Members are given every opportunity to succeed and grow professionally. We strive for the triple win: pleasing clients, Team Members, and the company as a whole. We work together as a team in order to succeed.

Client Focused

Without satisfied clients, we have no business. Client loyalty is fragile, fleeting and circumstantial. Once we obtain a client, we do all we can to satisfy that client.

Excellent Service

We are in the people service business. As we continue to provide excellent service, we will thrive and prosper. Giving excellent service provides long-term benefits.

Managing Moments of Truth

When a client comes into contact however remote and thereby has an opportunity to form an impression, it must be a good impression.


Profits are important for the growth of our business. They are the score card on how we have performed. Profits allow us to do good things for our Team Members and our community.

Work Hard and Smart

There is no substitute for good, smart, hard work for the achievement of our goals.

A vision statement for the company and for the team members should also be posted where it is available for all to see and read. When I hired team members and they came for orientation this was given to them and they were asked to sign the vision statement as part of their employment package.

We will accomplish this vision by utilizing the following principles.

High value for customers investment Ethical standards Diversity Open and responsive Supporting our Team Members Continuous improvement Accountability Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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