Corporate Greed at Its Best

If it were about Health Care there would be no work stoppage. The Verizon Strike of 2011 is about one thing only: Corporate Greed!

Verizon wants to accelerate the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries by removing all aspects of job security from upcoming contracts, to freeze all pension for current workers, and completely eliminate them for future employees, slash sick time, eliminate disability payments for injured workers, eliminate holidays (including Veterans Day) and completely gut health care plans for current and retired workers.

Verizon wants to bust the CWA and the IBEW unions, then take the 45,000 unions jobs and outsource them.

Some Fun Facts:

Verizon claims that the landline portion of its network is in decline and not profitable, yet they fail to mention that landlines are the backbone network of their FIOS, DSL & Wireless operations. They want you to think that there is no need for a landline because they want their FIOS & DSL to be classified as “internet or data” instead of exactly what they are: landlines. Every cell tower connects to a landline network. Without Verizon’s landline business they would have no wireless business!

Despite making $ 19.5 billion in profits and paying out $258 million to its top five executives in the last four years, Verizon wants to take back more than 50 years of collective bargaining and destroy middle class jobs.

The President of Verizon makes $55,000 a day, and has free, lifetime medical coverage.

Verizon has paid $0 in federal corporate income taxes over the last three years.

Verizon received nearly $1 billion in tax benefits from the federal government (your money) over the last three years, how much has the average American worker received in tax benefits.

Yet again — the Verizon strike of 2011 is about plain Corporate Greed.

The American Middle Class is under siege and its time to circle the wagons and defend the homestead.

One last thing — I am CWA member who is fighting for the future of my children and the American Dream.

Can You Hear Me Now!!!

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