Corporate Social Responsibility Doesn’t Pay

The article I chose was about corporate responsible and if it did or didn’t pay for corporations to act in a “responsible” way or not. Over all corporate responsibility is known to the common consumer as companies that are environmental friendly, up hold human rights, are ethical and fair in employee labor conditions. These are just a few corporate social responsibilities that are viewed on. Whether corporations are rewarded or punished for their corporate social responsibility is something that hasn’t been statically tracked on a continual basis. There are many examples of corporations that have taken a active role in the up keep of their corporate social responsibility like Starbucks. This company enables its employees to earn a living, while promoting morale ethics for treating people with the utmost respect, while other companies like Enron have been publicly denounced for their lack of corporate social responsibility with financial scandals.

In my personal opinion, there are morale ethics, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Being that ethics is the standard of moral behavior, businesses should be partially exempt from this type of ethic but, should uphold the business ethics of any situation. For example, if there is an employee at a company whom is drunk all the time at work, it shouldn’t be the job of the company to place this employee in a rehabilitation center, but, it should be the responsible of the company to reprimand the employee for being drunk. The business ethical responsibility of the company would be to correct the behavior of the employee while at work, a company cannot control what an employee does while away from the job site or company, unless it affects the company directly.

There are also corporate responsibilities that the employees possess as well. Like in my example of Enron, this was a company that was committing fraud and embezzlement toward employees, contractors, and the nation overall. The executive officers seemed to have no morale ethics, business ethics, and even less corporate social responsibility. Employees in the company took a stand for the corporate social responsibility in itself and “reported” what was going on within the company. This was the ultimate corporate social responsibility that has taken place in history. When employees feel they are being treated unfairly, or something about the corporation is unfair they have a right to stand up and speak out about the unfairness taken place.

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