Could Classical Music Stand Up Against Pop Music If They Were From the Same Generation?

I was on a bus recently and overheard a group of teenagers in a heated discussion. The majority of the group agreed that if the men responsible for the classical music era were alive today, they would not be able to compete with the likes of Beyonce, Britney Spears or Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, one person in their group took the less popular notion that Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart would have given the average pop star a run for their money. Here is a look at why composers of the Classical age would have given today’s pop stars some serious competition.

Natural Talent

I have a problem with “musicians” who cannot play their own instruments, or write their own music. To make matters even worse, many artists’ voices are enhanced by the use of electronic studio equipment. The creative geniuses of the Classical Music era wrote their own music, played their own instruments and they didn’t have the luxury of studio equipment to give them a competitive edge. These composers had natural talent that needed no tailoring or adjustments. Now generations later, their music still hits the core of many musicians and music lovers.

Inspired Compositions Bring Down the House without the Help of an Amp

Classical composers had the uncanny ability to create thunderous compositions that could evoke a million emotions in listeners without the assistance of an amplifier. Anyone can play loud with an amplifier; the true test of a music piece is how it touches and affects the listener.

Classical Music Changed the Game Forever

Hands down, we might be still dancing to the tunes of zithers and lutes if it wasn’t for the Classical music era. The composers of the Classical music era changed the game forever, introducing complex, inspirational pieces that would be relevant for generations to come. That is something that I highly doubt will ever be said of any mainstream pop song that is played on the radio today.

While pop music may be the “cooler” option for teenagers, Classical music has major staying power. The compositions are not just empty words with a techno beat. Each Classical music composition has a piece of soul within them, and year after year, they continue to live on in the hearts of Classical music fans.

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