Could Microsoft Release Windows Phone Mango on September 1st?

Early adopters of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, and those who have just been waiting for the arrival of the major update named Mango, may not have to wait much longer to get their hands on the newest version of the software. Rumors that have surfaced today suggest that Mango could be released as early as September.

PocketLint is reporting that they have received word from several highly trusted sources that Mango will indeed launch on September first. This of course is much earlier than the planned fall release, and much sooner than Steve Ballmer’s claim of a Christmas release.

It is no secret that Mango has been ready for some time. Tech Savvy users have been able to download a release candidate for some time, and just a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released a statement saying that the RTM (Release to Market) version was being shipped out to device makers. There have been multiple sightings of phones running the Mango build, but that elusive piece of information in regards to a release date had been missing.

The report on PocketLint says that the release date of September 1st has been chosen because it will coincide with the IFA Consumer Electronics Extravaganza in Berlin, Germany. The Expo is due to run from September 2-7. This would obviously be a great stage for Microsoft to show off the latest version of the Windows Phone software, especially as we are now nearing the important holiday season.

A September release would ensure that Microsoft would also steal some of Apple’s thunder as the iPhone 5 is due to be released, and they would also take some of the limelight away from Google as their new version of Ice Cream Sandwich is due to be released as well.

Announcing this at the IFA expo will also give handset manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG a chance to show off their new hardware running the software, however it is rumored that Nokia and their new Windows Phone devices will not be present.

Mango is without doubt one of the most anticipated software releases ever when it comes to the smartphone market. The initial launch of Windows Phone 7 was met with mixed reviews, but updates since launch have seen it rise in popularity. Mango will bring over 500 new features to the Windows Phone platform, and will put it on par, if not in front of both Google’s Android, and Apple’s iPhone. The newest features include Internet Explorer 9, video chat, deep Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin integration, new customization features, and many more improvements.

Now that the news of the release is breaking, a lot of other questions are being raised in regards to who will see the update first, and how carriers will be rolling out the update. It is no secret that when it comes to updating phones, carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T are slow to offer the upgrades. Microsoft has said that all existing devices will see the update, but unfortunately, customers are at their carrier mercy when it comes to the actual release for their phones. Here’s hoping for a speedy resolution.

Sources: PocketLint

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