Could Ryne Sandberg Be New Chicago Cubs Manager?

Now that Theo Epstein is officially a Chicago Cub, the question now becomes who will be the new manager. Current manager Mike Quade will most certainly be fired Tuesday or the day after the World Series. Most likely it will be a different day because Tuesday will be about the Cubs new all-star front office hiring’s.

The focus for manager will most certainly be on every Cubs fans top candidate Ryne Sandberg. Ryno as he is affectionately known by Cubs fans has established himself as a very good up and coming manager. Sandberg went back to the minors and has rode buses for the last five years. He has done this to show he was not looking for a hand out based on his Hall of Fame status. He wanted to actually be a great manager.

He has won at every level and has made the playoffs a couple of times. He managed Lehigh of the Philadelphia Phillies minor league system and took them to the playoffs. This was a team that in its brief history had never been over .500.

Sandberg was given a raw deal by Jim Hendry. Jim Hendry got his “yes” man in Mike Quade last year. Quade was the lifer who was glad to have a major league job and would not make waves. Ryno was the one whose demeanor was different from his playing days. He had a vision and had accountability for his players and also could motivate players. Hendry had no use for a guy like that.

But for as much as Sandberg is, it is one thing he is not and that is experienced at the big league level. Can he perform with the daily scrutiny of the media and fans? Is he the best candidate out there?

I would love for Ryno to be the next manager but only if he is indeed the best candidate.

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