Create Your Own Coaching Programme

When people have to face problems or achieve a goal, they usually turn to others, to experts, for help. They are not looking for a coach, they probably do not even know a coach can be the answer, but they search for the information that can help them solve their particular problem.

This is when all coaches must realise that any coaching relationship begins with a problem-solution approach. And even more importantly, coaches must grab the opportunity and create a programme which is focused on solving a specific problem.

Even if it’s in the form of a letter, a brochure or a web page, it must focus on the problem and present your programme as the right solution. That is the benefit of creating a programme.

The structure of the programme

Depending on the subject, your programme could last 4 weeks, 6 months or more. You can include monthly video seminars, weekly group coaching, CDs, DVDs or any other material in your programme that can help your participants solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Develop techniques to help your clients get through the difficult times

After 5 to 7 weeks of enrolment in your programme, participants want to see results, they begin to look for more value. You will notice that they may have difficulties in putting into practice all the strategies in your programme. They may even want to quit the programme because they find it difficult to change their behaviour.

You should be prepared in advance for all this to possibly happen, so develop techniques that will help your clients get through these difficult times. Be there for them and remind them why they decided to follow the programme in the first place. You must coach them and guide them through the obstacles to avoid possible panic attacks.

Create tools to help your clients measure and especially see their progress and success

It would be a great help if you could ask them to fill in a weekly form on their progress, which you can then discuss and coach them on if necessary. Give them a checklist at the beginning of the programme, so they can tick off each point as and when completed. Always choose what is best suited to your clients.

Set the right price for your programme

Even if you are at the start of your career, do not underestimate your value. Remember that even if you’re a new coach, you still have a lot to offer in terms of your experience and expertise in your chosen subject. Keep in mind that your prices will depend on your target clientele. Your price must reflect the real purchasing level of your target. If you target executives, your price may be higher than if you were targeting stay at home mums, for example. Of course, if you are an expert coach, a published author, or you were a guest on a TV show, you could ask for more, as celebrity status always has its price.

Always remember to deliver the message to take action! If you do not constantly motivate your clients to act, they might not do it, or, even worse, they will want you do to their work for them. Never let that happen! Your programmes must be interactive, and aimed at getting your clients involved in solving their problems or achieving their goals. Their satisfaction at the end will be far greater, and their self-confidence will reach a new high.

Once the programme is finished, you can still be of help to your clients. You can invite them to work with you in private sessions (1-1) or in smaller work groups to make better use of the concepts learned and to help them with other aspects of their lives. One way to transform a participant in your programme into a client is to offer him a 1-1 session included in the programme.

For more information on how to create and develop coaching programmes which can help many more people, visit my website and find your inspiration through my own programmes.

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