Creative Coffee Table Decor for an Elegant Living Room

A living room with Victorian style is grand and elegant. Even the coffee table decor can make a visual impact, and it can include far more than a simple vase of roses, lilacs or other classic blooms. However, it should not be overdone or look like something that time forgot. It can appear rich and exceptionally exquisite when beautifully designed and arranged. Coffee table decor can become the horizontal focal point of a living room with Victorian style, and it can include unique items including oversized bling, intricate floral displays and more.

My grandmother had a living room that was decorated with Victorian style, and it was exquisitely designed and arranged. She knew how to beautifully decorate her home. Some people buy anything and everything Victorian when decorating their living room. It can end up looking more like a funeral parlor than a space for living if furnishings and accessories are not chosen with care. I helped my grandmother update her Victorian living room in her later years, and the results were magnificent.

Begin with a Unique Floral Arrangement

Flowers are the essence of Victorian decor, but they do not have to look ordinary. When seeking creative coffee table decor for a Victorian living room, consider a floral urn instead of a typical vase. My grandmother had a beautiful white milk glass urn-style vessel, and we filled it with a dome of beautiful velvet roses. From just a few feet away the roses looked incredibly real, and it became the focal point of her 18th century coffee table. The dusty pink roses and the white milk glass against the dark wood was gorgeous.

Make Use of Elegant Crocheted Doilies

Crocheted doilies have never gone out of style, and least not from a Victorian standpoint. They are ideal when decorating a living room with elegant Victorian style. My grandmother had crafted countless crocheted doilies in her younger years, and one in particular was used as part of her Victorian coffee table decor. It was made of delicate white and pink thread, and I always looked at it with wonderment. I could not imagine how anyone had the skill to craft such detailed designs by looping and winding thread. It looked beautiful beneath the white urn that held a dome of pink velvet roses.

Display Oversized Rings or Other Unique Bling

We could have completed her Victorian coffee table design with a couple of eye catching books or candlesticks with taper candles, but I found something far more interesting and unique. I topped one end of her coffee table with a pair of oversized rings. They were made from cast resin and painted gold. The sides had filigree designs, and the center prongs held cast resin diamonds. The rings were far different from anything I had ever found, and they were the signature of her living room.

Search for unique accents and decor for your Victorian coffee table and side tables. Do not settle for simple vases of flowers or cheap looking designs. Hold out for decor that truly catches your eye, and make it a living room that is as functional as it is beautiful. It is possible to have both, even with elegant style.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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