Creative Ideas for Decorating a Living Room in Slate

Slate is sturdy and eye-catching, and it is a fantastic alternative to classic wooden living room furnishings and decor. It is even more beautiful when combined with wrought iron. I have slate and wrought iron furnishings in my living room, and I absolutely love it. Unlike wood it does not show dust, and it is durable and easy to clean. Use my creative ideas for decorating a living room with slate, and enjoy the timeless beauty and resilience of natural stone.

Decorating with Slate Tile and Wrought Iron Living Room Tables

Living room side tables and coffee tables can be made from everything from wood to glass, but out of all of the materials I have used when decorating my home and the homes of others, my personal preference is high-quality slate and wrought iron. Of course this option does not coordinate with every decorating style, but it is a great choice when appropriate.

In my former home I placed a slate and wrought iron sofa table in back of my couch. Since my living room was large the placement was ideal. I had rearranged the room to create an area for conversation, and I moved the sofa table into the expansive foyer. It looked spectacular, and it was the ideal surface for a key tray, a floral arrangement and other decorating accessories. Slate furnishings are highly versatile, and they can be repurposed throughout the home.

Use Broken Slate Pieces to Decorate Basic Picture Frames

Although slate is very durable, it is not indestructible. During one of many moves I discovered a broken tile. I could have thrown it away, but instead I decided to put it to good use. I covered it with a rag and hit it with a mallet to break it further. I used the pieces of slate and dark grout when decorating a plain picture frame. I ordered a replacement tile from the company that manufactured my furniture, and I was able to restore the living room side table.

Leather and Slate are a Gorgeous Combination

Do not use wood furniture when decorating with slate. Consider leather or microfiber instead. I ended up purchasing a beautiful dark brown leather sofa with unique metal riveting. It went beautifully with my slate and brown wrought iron living room tables. I chose blue cotton throw pillows when decorating the sofa. Blue and brown are my favorite color combination, and I lean toward this choice whenever possible.

When trying to satisfy the decorating needs of my clients, they are in charge when it comes to color. Some of their choices are not ideal, and I present others that are more fitting. I simply guide them in the right direction when it comes to materials, placement, colors, styles and accessories.

Source: Personal Decorating and Crafting Experience

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