Creative Uses for Candle Pins

Candles are not usually very decorative, but they can smell absolutely heavenly. I recently purchased two sets of bronze candle pins, and I devised of a number of creative uses that go far beyond decorating pillar candles. They are really very versatile. I used my two sets to embellish candles, furniture and more. I plan to buy a few other sets to use in my home and the home of a client.

Embellish Plain Pillar Candles

As the photo shows, I used three of the pins I purchased to decorate a tall pillar candle on a crystal base. Before adding the pins, the candle was plain and uninspiring. The fragrance was the only pleasing characteristic the candle offered. The quality was substandard, and it did not burn properly. The wick ended up way down in the center, but the sides remained intact. Before long it became impossible to light.

To add a few more months of life to my newly decorated candle, I added a battery operated votive. I had to carve out the interior a little more to give it a perfect fit. When the votive was on it looked like a real flickering flame, and the decorative pins added whimsical style. The pins and battery operated votive saved a candle that would have otherwise ended up in my craft project recycling bin.

Use Candle Pins Instead of Furniture Tacks

Furniture tacks are used to secure seams on upholstered wood-framed furnishings. I had to add furniture tacks to the back corners of my microfiber loveseat. One corner was damaged when it fell out of a truck on the way to my home. I was able to repair the small tear along the seam with a decorative furniture tack. To give it a uniform look I decorated the other side with a matching tack.

After buying the candle pins I decided to do something different. Instead of covering the small tear on the corner with a small furniture tack I decided to use matching candle pins. Before tapping them in with a small rubber mallet I covered them with a cloth. The candle embellishments looked far more unique than the upholstery tacks, and they covered all of the damage.

Candle Pins are Stylish Wall Decor Hangers

I used the last two candle pins to hang two works of lightweight wall art in my bedroom. Instead of using the wire hangers on the back of two frameless stretched canvas floral paintings I added wide pink satin ribbons. I pushed the two candle pins into the drywall, and I hooked the ribbons over the pins. They looked far better than they did when suspended from wires and nails, and no one would guess they were made especially for decorating candles.

Source: Personal and Professional Design and Decorating Experience

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