Creative Ways to Use Velvet Posters

Velvet posters have been popular for decades. They are still available in craft stores, and kids love filling in the empty white spaces using fine-tip markers or colored pencils. Instead of throwing them away or letting them collect dust on top of the refrigerator, try these creative ways to use velvet posters. They are good for more than just a dust mat on the top of the fridge or a temporary decoration for the door.

Decorate Plain Gift Bags

Gift bags provide an easy way to tuck away gifts. They eliminate the need for folding and creasing wrapping paper, but they are hardly unique. When looking for creative ways to use velvet posters, buy plain gift bags of the appropriate size, and use them to embellish the bags. Simply tape or glue the posters to the exterior of the bags for something eye-catching and unique. Attach curled ribbon in colors that pick up the hues in the velvet posters. Best of all, the bags can be reused by the recipient, or the velvet posters can be removed and used in other creative ways.

Use them to Wrap Boxes for Decorative Storage

When looking for new ways to use velvet posters, make eye-catching papered boxes. Wrap the velvet posters around shoe boxes and the matching lids. Use the boxes to hold everything from writing instruments to photographs. They can be stacked from largest to smallest in a bedroom, office or any other appropriate location.

Boxes that have been wrapped with velvet posters can also be used to hold gifts. This is perfect for someone that appreciates handmade items. The boxes are as useful as the gifts they hold.

Create a Room with 70’s Style

Velvet posters were extremely popular in the 1970’s. They were used to decorate bedrooms and other informal locations, and they were used along with black lights. When looking for new ways to use a collection of high-quality velvet art, create a room with 70’s style. The article entitled Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in a 70’s Theme provides a number of creative ideas to complete the room.

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