Creative Writing

Eyes like the sun
The light runs

Across flesh
Brings me happiness

As it lights up the dark
A love to my heart


A taste, a few drops
Yet I’m still so hot

Tasting, sucking, licking
Ooh sticky
You and me

We found it
Love’s fountain


The heat
Lovers meet

We’re on fire
Such desire
As we admire

This light
With our Fahrenheit


Wind’s whispers and blows
Who knows?

But the trees
Geese honking
You and me

A touch of skin
In our sin


But to be here
With you my dear

The sky’s the limit
On Earth, not in it
Our bare skin

This love is right
As we create paradise


For what sun
Or waters run
And place on Earth

Could equal
Might sequel
The summer
We can create

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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