Criminal Justice Workplace Observation

In a workplace environment, professionalism is important to maintain the company. When the company is part of the criminal justice system than other attributes will be observed. The leadership, culture, law, and influential stakeholders all play a part in the criminal justice workplace.


Leadership may generally be thought of as three levels. Those levels include upper management, middle management, and lower management. In the criminal justice agency the upper management may be the sheriff or chief of police. The individual(s) who are underneath the sheriff and chief of police can be thought of as middle management. The individual who is below the sheriff is the undersheriff. The lower management may be a supervisor who is on duty at the time and the undersheriff or sheriff is unavailable. Leadership is one factor that may affect the criminal justice work place. Another factor is culture.


Culture may be one of the biggest factors that involve the criminal justice system. An example of culture in the work place is when there is a diverse police department. The diversity in the police department shows that there is less likelihood of frustration from both the officers and the victims when there is a language barrier. If there is an officer who speaks the language of that particular area it would be exceptional. Having a diverse police department also shows that individuals whether he or she is a victim or a witness, may feel more inclined to offer information to a police officer.


The law goes hand in hand with the criminal justice work place. The officers are to uphold the law. There are individuals who may feel that he or she is above the law because they are the law. This is an issue. If the officer commits a crime than he or she should be regarded in the same manner to an individual who broke the law and wasn’t a law enforcement agent. Law enforcement should be held within the same consequences if not higher consequences to make an example out of the officer.

Influential Stakeholders

There are three main influential stakeholders. Those stakeholders include political bodies, community groups, and employees. Political bodies seem to have influence over several issues. That type of influence may not be a positive step. Community groups also play a part in being an influential stakeholder. Community groups such as the Boys and Girls Club of America have made it a point to ensure that children have a safe place to go so that they are not on the streets. A successful influence like the Boys and Girls Club of America succeeds in making sure that the importance of what needs to happen in the community does happen. Employees are also influential stakeholders in the criminal justice work place. Employees such as officers see what occurs on a daily basis. This information can be relayed back to the sheriff and maybe a solution will occur rather rapidly.

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