Cute Utterances

Like every parent, I fondly look back sometimes to the moments when my children had a cute and humorous remark at just the right moment. A couple these moments have been inspired by my hobby of yarn making or spinning.

I started this hobby when my daughter, Mary, was about 9 years old. I had wanted to do this for quite some time and once I started I was very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, in my area there aren’t a lot of people that share this interest. In order to find fibers to spin, unless I wanted to shop via mail order, I took long day trips or overnight trips. This meant my husband and I packed up the kids and made a day or weekend of it. Besides the fiber shopping section that attracted me, these events also had food booths, occasional animal rides for children, and often live animals the kids could pet. My kids liked looking at the animals and often heard discussions about how they figured into the spinning world.

There was one exception. For awhile, there was a shop within a short driving distance that sold a small amount of fiber, and I visited it numerous times. During one visit while I was looking over the stock, a man came over to that area of the store and started his own examination of the materials. My daughter watched him briefly and then asked if he was a spinner. The man smiled and yes, expecting my daughter to point that only women spun. We were both amused when she turned to me and said, “Look Mom, someone else spins, too.”

Several years later, when Mary was in high school she joined Scholastic Bowl. During one of the practices the question was “What kind of fiber does an Angora goat make?” Mary correctly answered mohair, the coach told her no one had ever gotten that right and asked how she knew the answer. She sighed and then replied, “My mother spins.”

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