Dad’s Mug, Mum’s Mug

My young brother bought a pair of ‘Dad’ and ‘Mum’ mugs from theme park DreamWorld on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Funny how the theme park was called Dream World – ‘you’re a Dad, you’re a Mum. It’s like a make-believe fantasy section for Dad and Mum – ‘tell ‘em they’re dreaming’. Funny again how it’s called a ‘mug’, similar to the Irish term mug, meaning naughty, cheeky, mischievous or sweety. Now put ‘DreamWorld’ and ‘Mug’ together with Dad and Mum and what do you have? Dad and Mum must be up to some mischief and or having a great time at DreamWorld. What this? A ‘Do not Disturb’ notice. Sounds like a place far, far away, hence DreamWorld.

When I personally saw these mugs I said to myself, are you a Dad-type figure or a Mum-type figure. You might be saying, what the…… you are either a Dad or a Mum, aren’t you? Then again, are you a Daddy’s boy or girl, or Mummy’s boy or girl? They love their Daddy, or Mummy. Do you still call your parents Daddy or Mummy at 35 years of age (and yes where is the baby bottle and nappies)? Do you act more like a Mummy when you really are a Daddy, or a Daddy when you are a Mummy. C’mon, get real people.

Being a male, last time I checked, I felt my manhood under threat and question. My own Dad and Mum are getting upset right now because I just disturbed their ‘Do Not Disturb’ DreamWorld moment. Yeah, so, I’m using the ‘Dad’ mug, got a problem with that. So what was I doing? I was purposely trying to avoid the ‘Mum’ mug, no offence to mum. When our pet cats come in the house, or if family, relative or friend bring a baby or child in the house, I’ll mysteriously go for the ‘Mum’ mug – ‘who wants those hugs and kisses now (What? Quick, somebody grab the ‘Dad’ mug)’.

Then one day, there was no ‘Dad’ mug around, and, yes, I panicked. I was forced, yes forced, to pick up and use the ‘Mum’ mug. How did it feel you might say? Well (just let me have another sip). It was fine at first, and then, and then….well, bmm bmm; I leaped for my ‘Dad’ mug again. Thank God for that. Dad, Mum, you know I love you…how are those mugs going by the way?

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