Dana White Needs to Step Back and Think Before He Speaks

“For anybody to b—h about this fight and they didn’t get to see that fight – shut up. You should’ve bought tickets then if you wanted to see all the fights and you don’t like to watch it on Facebook. Seriously, shut up. I don’t even want to hear it.” Like millions of other hardcore MMA fan’s out there, I was a little miffed and surprised at these comments. I’ve watched every UFC event dating back to the very first one in 1993. I’ve spent hundred’s of dollars to make sure I get to see each PPV every month. When the UFC appeared up here in the Northwest for UFC 102 and Fight Night 24 I made sure I was there. There are million’s of people just like me that have helped pave the way for MMA and more importantly the UFC into the mainstream and build it into what it is today. I’ve been a huge supporter of MMA, UFC, and Dana White which brings me to this point…. Why would’t Dana just step back and use the 24hr rule before he blasts the fan’s for voicing their frustrations about the UFC on FOX debut. First off, Mr. White, I have no problem watching the undercard where ever you want to broadcast it. Whether it’s Facebook, FOX Sports, Spike, it really doesn’t matter.

Everyone know’s that the bout between Henderson and Guida was going to be the fight, the one fight that guaranteed to deliver. For the UFC not to some how show it on the broadcast, I feel, was a mistake. I understand FOX wanted only one fight and that’s fine. We live and we learn. But why blast the fan’s for stating their opinion? These same fan’s that pay money to watch your show’s? The same fan’s that pay hundred’s to attend the events and buy your merchandise? Because you give us a few free fights here and there gives you the right to tell us to shut up? Do you really think that this is a good PR move?

I know that Dana has always been straight to the point. He has never been one to sugar coat anything he says. Verbally attacking fans is crossing the line. This I cant endorse. This, Dana White, is why this fan will have to reconsider spending my hard earned money to support you and your events. Its a black eye to the sport, to the UFC and I think that the Fertitta brothers would be smart to put this fire out before it gets too out of control whether its a public apology or a statement explaining the harsh words Dana chose to use. Maybe the Fertitta brothers should sit Dana down and hold him to the same standards Dana holds for his fighters before he burns down the house that he credits himself for building.

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