‘Dancing with the Stars’ 13: Maks Unintentionally Puts Down Hope Solo in Interview

Maks Chmerkovskiy isn’t backing down from what he told judge Len Goodman on “Dancing with the Stars” 13 Monday night when he and Hope Solo were critiqued for their performance. In an exclusive interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Maks explained that he said anything wrong on Monday’s episode, stating that this is a country where you can exercise your rights to speak your mind. Maks may have opened another can of worms when suggested his own celebrity partner, Hope, isn’t the same caliber as the stars pro dancer, Derek Hough, has had combined. In fact, he may have offended all of his past “DWTS” celebrity partners.

Derek Hough believes the judges are just doing their job and Chmerkovskiy stated on “GMA” that it’s easy for him to defend the judges when he’s aloud to take time off “DWTS” to do personal projects along with being assigned dancers such as Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, and Ricki Lake.

“When you say judges have been generous, with all due respect, if I had Niclole Scherzinger followed by Jennifer Grey followed by Ricki Lake, I probably would not be very upset with the judges either.”

Maks says he had a long talk with his dad about the season 13 drama.

“That’s why I think I’m misunderstood in this situation,” Chmerkovskiy said. “Everyone is waiting for me to bow my head and plead for forgiveness. I have nothing to apologize for. I’m in the business because I love it. I can’t really lose with remarks like this.”

One thing viewers are aware of is the harsh remarks the judges often make on the show. “DWTS” 13 is no different. Maks grows tired of the hurtful way Len, Bruno, and Carrie Ann evaluate their performances.

“One thing I’m not going to embrace is pointing fingers and disrespectful remarks,” he explained. “Why are judges allowed to compare us to animals and point their fingers and we can’t say we’re work and show our opinion?”

Did Maks mean what he said when he wouldn’t be unhappy with the judges if he had the same dance partners as Derek Hough?

Source: ABC “Good Morning America”

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