Dancing with the Stars 2011 Pairings; Who Got Chaz and Did Maks End Up with Hope Solo?

Dancing With The Stars 2011 pairings revealed.The so called celebrities for season 13 were just announced, so the next big question is “Who is dancing with who”, and who gets Chaz?, Well, Wednesday August 31, 2011 on Good Morning America, the big moment will be answered. However, for those DWTS fans who are are so eager that they can’t wait, a few pro pairings have been leaked online, just like the contestants were yesterday before Bachelor Pad even started.

Without further ado here they are:

Hope Solo paired with Bad boy hottie Maksim Chmerkovskiy- Even before this spoiler was leaked, we all saw this one coming. There will be some major hotness on the dance floor.

David Arquette paired with Kym Johnson- This can actually be a great pairing. I think David will turn into a very fast learner and a good dancer having Kym as his partner.

Chynna Phillips paired with Tony Dovolani- Hey if Tony can teach Kate Gosselin to dance, he should have no problem with Chynna.

These three DWTS pairings were leaked by Realitymagazine.sheknows.com . This website is also saying that one of the new comers named Tristan might be paired up with big mouth Nancy Grace. At this point of time, nobody knows for sure who Chaz Bono will be paired with, but I’m guessing the choice will be Karina Smirnoff. Karina has great potential making Chaz a great dancer in a matter of weeks if he obeys by her rules.

Another great pairing would be Rob Kardashian with Lacey Schwimmer. I can see this couple making the crowd going crazy, and a definite connection between the two. I kinda feel sorry for Tony, but you know what he’s a great dancer and teacher. I think Chynna will work out fairly well. C’mon she has to be better than Kate I hope.

Find out tomorrow. Make sure to watch GMA to see if your favorite couple is chosen.



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